South of Sand Beach


Acadia National Park in Maine is a special place and I was able to visit again this summer.  During the four days spent in Maine, the weather favored us and we had beautiful sunny and warm weather which made our stop at Sand Beach really enjoyable.  My kids were happy to have a break from hiking so we spent the day at the only beach in Acadia.  Most people know that the ocean is always cold in Maine, but despite this everyone in our group ducked under the frigid cold water! Nobody else seemed to copy us and most stayed on the warm sand.  What a memorable day at the beach with an amazing view in all directions.  This painting is of the coastline south of Sand Beach where the rocks are a sandy tan color and the dark green vegetation makes a striking contrast. This painting is the newest addition to my website at

About mjnicole

After an eighteen year career in museums and education, I have picked up my paintbrushes again and am capturing the beauty of the Berkshires (western Massachusettes) and beyond. My blog "Journey of an Artist" is about the artwork I create and the inspiration I find. I work predominantly with oils now; I value the richness and depth of the colors. I love to travel and I photograph the captivating landscapes and scenes and then paints from the photographs. My latest body of work feature barns in the Berkshires. I live in the Berkshires with my husband, my daughter Olivia and son Luke.

2 responses to “South of Sand Beach

  1. JM

    Where is Ruby at Sand Beach? 🙂

  2. Alas, dogs are not allowed at Sand Beach. Perhaps Ruby will show up in a future painting. 🙂

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