Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Mid-October was the peak of fall colors in the Berkshires and “leaf peepers” have left, but in different spots there are still some brilliant trees and colors. It is like a special present to still find a tree full of leaves. I found this group of trees as I made my way to Lakeview Orchard in Lanesborough, MA to purchase some cider donuts. These donuts are so delicious and I mailed a dozen down to my brother-in-law in Texas as a surprise. I paint from my photographs so I try to be observant and stop and take pictures when I am out and about. This group of trees actually took two different tries; the first time was earlier in the fall and the shadows were too dark, but a few weeks later as I passed by, the sun was out and this photo turned out the way I wanted. Watch for this image in a future painting at my website http://www.mjnicole.com

About mjnicole

After an eighteen year career in museums and education, I have picked up my paintbrushes again and am capturing the beauty of the Berkshires (western Massachusettes) and beyond. My blog "Journey of an Artist" is about the artwork I create and the inspiration I find. I work predominantly with oils now; I value the richness and depth of the colors. I love to travel and I photograph the captivating landscapes and scenes and then paints from the photographs. My latest body of work feature barns in the Berkshires. I live in the Berkshires with my husband, my daughter Olivia and son Luke.

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