Old Friend

Old Friend

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we traveled south and visited family and friends. One night, we stayed with our friends Michele and Mike who we have known for seventeen years. It was really great to spend some time with them. I was also glad to see an “old friend” – a painting I did for them proudly displayed in their living room. The image is of the coast of California – Pigeon Point to be exact – 50 miles south of San Francisco. The view is the south side of the lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in America at 115 ft http://www.parks.ca.gov/pigeonpoint/. The succulent plants that creep up and down the seaside cliffs turn from green to earthy browns, golden oranges and fiery reds. Most of the time this part of the coast is under a coat of fog, so we were lucky to visit on a clear day with just a few clouds in the sky. This painting was done over 10 years ago, but I recently did another painting from the north side. See if you can find the “sister” image on my website at http://www.mjnicole.com

About mjnicole

After an eighteen year career in museums and education, I have picked up my paintbrushes again and am capturing the beauty of the Berkshires (western Massachusettes) and beyond. My blog "Journey of an Artist" is about the artwork I create and the inspiration I find. I work predominantly with oils now; I value the richness and depth of the colors. I love to travel and I photograph the captivating landscapes and scenes and then paints from the photographs. My latest body of work feature barns in the Berkshires. I live in the Berkshires with my husband, my daughter Olivia and son Luke.

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