Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park

Two inches of snow have fallen this evening in the Berkshires and it is still coming down. However, snow doesn’t stop us here in the Berkshires! One of my favorite walks to do in the winter is at Kennedy Park in Lenox, MA especially since it allows dogs and I can bring my dog Pepper. Kennedy Park has a variety of trails and one we take often ends at an impressive overlook. If you look around you might also see stone foundation remnants from the Aspinwall Hotel built in 1912 and burnt to the ground in 1931. I also keep my eyes open for the woodland streams that are still flowing through the snowy forest. I showed a friend of mine this painting and she immediately recognized it as Kennedy Park. I guess even with snow covering the ground it is still recognizable!

About mjnicole

After an eighteen year career in museums and education, I have picked up my paintbrushes again and am capturing the beauty of the Berkshires (western Massachusettes) and beyond. My blog "Journey of an Artist" is about the artwork I create and the inspiration I find. I work predominantly with oils now; I value the richness and depth of the colors. I love to travel and I photograph the captivating landscapes and scenes and then paints from the photographs. My latest body of work feature barns in the Berkshires. I live in the Berkshires with my husband, my daughter Olivia and son Luke.

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