Goodbye snow


At the start of winter, (or even at the end of fall!) I greet the delicate, white, falling snowflakes with joy and often do a happy dance celebrating the start of a new season.  Part of enjoying winter is to make sure you enjoy doing something outdoors such as ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding. My family likes doing all of these activities and we are fortunate enough to be just twenty minutes away from a really great ski resort Jiminy Peak where we can go skiing and snowboarding.  A shortcut we take to get there is Bailey Road and along the way we pass this little yellow farm.  I took the photo on a typical grey winter day, with snow covering the ground and the roof of the barns, house, and silo.  The farm has sat empty for a time and is for sale so perhaps the landscape will change a bit once there are new owners. It is somewhat unusual to see a yellow farm and it is a welcome bright spot on trip.  So I post this painting as a goodbye to our snow and I will do a happy dance when I see the daffodils and crocuses poking thru the earth!

About mjnicole

After an eighteen year career in museums and education, I have picked up my paintbrushes again and am capturing the beauty of the Berkshires (western Massachusettes) and beyond. My blog "Journey of an Artist" is about the artwork I create and the inspiration I find. I work predominantly with oils now; I value the richness and depth of the colors. I love to travel and I photograph the captivating landscapes and scenes and then paints from the photographs. My latest body of work feature barns in the Berkshires. I live in the Berkshires with my husband, my daughter Olivia and son Luke.

One response to “Goodbye snow

  1. Lori

    A post that puts a smile on my face – warmth in your words and your painting- thank you!

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