Tufted Titmouse


When I first heard this name, it struck me as sort of odd or a bit funny. My sister Jeanette mentioned this bird when I just finished my Chickadee painting last year. She said, “You should paint a Tufted Titmouse; they are so cute.” To be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen this bird in the wild -have any of you?  I looked up a picture and these birds are indeed adorable with their tuft of hair at the top of their head and their chubby body – similar to the Chickadee which they are related to. Well, I kept this suggestion in mind and recently felt inspired to paint the Tufted Titmouse, the second bird in my bird series. (See the Chickadee at http://www.mjnicole.com).  I learned that the Tufted Titmouse has a call that sounds like “Peter, Peter” and I painted the words on my painting.  I again selected one of the many past holiday cards I have kept over the years and used it to make a few of the wild red berries capped with snow, a tail feather, and also parts of the arched branch. When you see this painting up close, I like how the card paper gives the scene depth. I hope this winter, I will see one in my backyard and call “Peter, Peter” to it.


Chickadee, sing me a song

Chickadee, sing me a song

Last week I bundled up to walk my dog and luckily it was a warmer winter day. Birds were out and about and I walked by three old apple trees that still had many dried up red apples on the top branches. A group of chickadees were flying around these trees and singing their Chick-a-dee song for me. I stood for several minutes just watching these joyful birds hang upside down on the branches, peck at the apples, and then flit away to another nearby tree. It really made my day to see these Chickadees having so much fun! It inspired me to paint my latest “Chickadee, Sing me a song.” It is also my first mixed media piece at http://www.mjnicole.com. I have saved every single card I have ever gotten and have been thinking about how to incorporate the cards into my art. A part of the card is what the Chickadee is perched on and if you look closely the words “Sing me a song” are from the card. Let me know what you think!