Field of Goldenrod


I have been out bicycling more this fall now that my children are back in school and as I bike around the Berkshires I have noticed that the goldenrod seems more bountiful than other years; or perhaps I just wasn’t looking! Everywhere there are large fields of this yellow native flower.  I was looking for the perfect goldenrod scene to take a picture and to paint from the photo.  I wasn’t finding quite what I had in mind and the days were going by quickly.  Then while I was driving past the local Pittsfield airport, tucked between a row of trees, I noticed a dirt road that I had not seen before.  The entrance to the dirt road was closed with a big metal farm gate, however I parked my car and walked closer. The view was beautiful; a huge field of goldenrod with blue spruce trees sprinkled in between.  The dirt road curved to the right and the sky! What a blue, blue sky with these amazing billowing clouds all tilted upward as they were saluting!  Another great day in the Berkshires. See more painted scenes of the Berkshires at!


Sunflowers and Goldenrod

Sunflowers and Goldenrod

As I drive around the Berkshires (MA) I see so many fields of bright cheery sunflowers and warm yellow goldenrod.  What a cheerful sight when many other flowers have finished blossoming, yet these two keep the landscape bright until the leaves start to turn.  Seeing the fields bring a smile to my face.  I drove by this barn and stopped to view the sunflowers growing right by the front and around the other side of the barn goldenrod is peaking out behind the tractor.  Across the street is a little farm stand selling bouquets of sunflowers. This happens to be only the second painting of sunflowers I have completed; the first one my friend Marla has in her dining room and I hope helps makes her day cheerful. Sunflowers and Goldenrod is now added to